Tips About Wearing Sneakers For Guys

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You may be primarily wearing your sneakers to the gym but there are so many other places that you can wear them to. They are incredibly versatile and you will find it very easy to pair them with almost any outfit that you have. You can make a fashion statement by choosing the right pair of sneakers to wear.

There are a few things you have to remember when it comes to wearing sneakers. You have to know what you have right now in your current wardrobe. This way when you go to buy sneakers, you will be able to choose one that will fit what you already have. There will be no pint in buying them otherwise. You have to pick a style that complements your wardrobe so that you can pair your outfits and the sneakers nicely. You also have to be careful in what occasions you choose to wear them to. As they are very versatile, there aren’t many places that you can’t wear them to. But you have to keep in mind that they can’t replace your dress shoes. You can wear them for off-duty outfits and casual days out. If you own a more casual suit, you can easily pair that with some sneakers. But when it comes for formal occasions, it is best to be overdressed than be underdressed. There are many websites where you can go to read up on sneakers KL. You will be able to get the current news on what is trending right now so that you can experiment with new styles and find something that you love.

You also have to care for your sneakers. They may be cool and stylish streetwear but it is essential that you keep them clean. Some of the things you can do to keep them clean is to wash the laces so that the colour isn’t faded by grime, brushing the outsoles and getting rid of bad odours. Some of the things you can do to get rid of the odours is to stuff the shoes with dryer sheets when not in use, wiping the inside with a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol and letting it dry and stuffing them with newspaper overnight. You have to know the basic types and styles of sneakers so that you know exactly what to buy. Converse and Vans are your basic sneakers while you will be able to get more luxury sneakers from popular leather or suede brands.

There are also sports sneakers from brands like Nike, Puma, Adidas and high fashion footwear from Givenchy, Diemme, and Christian Louboutin etc. You will be able to pair most outfits with the basic sneakers as they are more versatile. You can wear them with any colour or texture. They are perfect for casual occasions. Luxury sneakers can be worn with slim denims, tailored trousers etc.